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About Ryan

Ryan CelestainTwo of Ryan’s passions in life are motivational speaking and the sport of triathlon. His personal mission is to challenge, inspire and empower one million people to own their greatness. Ryan uses the same topics, ideas and philosophies from his speech in his personal life while training to become a professional triathlete. He has raced 5 Ironman distance triathlons (2.4 mile swim, 112 miles cycling, finished with a 26.2 mile run). Ryan lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife and daughter.

Growing up Ryan was labeled a “problem child” and was told the only future he had was jail, being homeless or ending up dead on the streets. Ryan’s 4th grade teacher didn’t buy into the stories that other teachers told about him. Instead of looking at where he came from his teacher looked at where he could go.

That environment created a new foundation for positive change and started Ryan on the journey of becoming the best he could be. At that young age he discovered the power of taking responsibility for his actions and the power of choice. Ryan is focused on paying it forward and sharing that positive message to the next generation of leaders.

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Change is a Choice

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There are times when students feel they are defined by their past, their mistakes, their environment and sometimes even their parents. There is a sense of expectation from others and no clear direction for self. Students feel that their world is out of control which causes them to constantly be reacting to everything.
Change is a Choice is all about empowerment. Teaching students that they have the power to change, the power to dream and the power to do big things. The topics covered in Ryan's speech will help your students in their current situation, but also create a foundation for their future.

Ryan’s message is unique as he shares personal stories of success and failure. His stories vary from hilarious experiences being a shy and socially awkward high school student to relationship struggles with his dad. He tells how enduring through triathlons are a lot like challenges we face in life. This metaphor will leave a lasting impact on your students and aid them in discovering how to win in life.

If your school or organization is looking to introduce applicable life skills to your students that will serve them the rest of their life, Ryan’s message is for you. The main points in this message are:

  • How to take responsibility for your actions
  • How to set and achieve goals
  • How to forgive
  • How to change their direction
  • How to own their greatness

Ryan will entertain, engage and captivate your students through his powerful interactive speech, Change is a Choice.

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